Sunday, June 03, 2007

Last week I learned that in exactly one month I will be at home in Minnestoa, and three months from then will be in London. It was a surprise to learn these things, although not an altogether unwelcome one. I miss Minnesota -- our house, my sister and mother, the softness of the summer air, cooking outside in the evening. I have begun to think of Athens in the past tense, and wonder how I will describe my time here. One can’t really. Ten months is far too much to say anything about when someone asks. I imagine that the most difficult thing will be in speaking with people who dream of Athens and of Greece. My time here has not been easy, and has had little relation to almost everyone else’s ideas or memories of this small nation. My view of life here has been from the bottom up, my closest friends are the people who many Greeks want little to do with. It is a curious way of experiencing a country, espically one which looms so large in Western imaginations. With just over two weeks left at Schedia, and then two weeks with my father after that, I am winding down. It feels good to do this, although it will be bittersweet to leave.


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