Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Love Poem #1280

How are you today, I was asked.
I am in love! I replied, and it was true.
Oh, how I love! How I love to feel this strangest of feelings!
It is the most warm: the burning on the inside of the ears
the red fuzz in the stomach
the unaccountable rise in the chest. The cross-eyed smile.
But how curious my love is –
not for a single person, nor song, nor food -
my love is for the music of sounds
and the taste of plain air.
I am in love with each person in my life (this means you!)
and I love your absence as much as you presence, for
it is only in your absence that
I can live in your memory. Although, it is only in your presence
that I can touch your hair, smell your skin.
Even while I love you, I am loving all the daytime and the
the night too. Those dreams! They are superb! The ones of kites
and windows; just think of all of the times when
you thought that you heard your name and turned your head (isn’t it
true that it always happens on sunny days?)

I found this poem yesterday and began to think of all of the things that I love. There are many. I am lucky to love like this, I have heard that some people have difficulty loving. I love to love. I love to laugh and to cry and to feel jealous and to walk arm in arm with my friends. In fact, loving may be my worst vice. I fall in love with everything: foods, places, events, emotions, people, clothing, books, ideas, moments. It is never a light love. Every day I find myself tumbling hard for something, and take a moment to remind myself to breath. Every night I am exhausted and happy with the crusted beauty that I have seen during the day. My list from today: a text message that read: Amara, please tell me the weather in Athens: in Crete rain & I feel cold. By the way, how are you? A business man in the post office with an accidental silk stocking hanging from a buckle on his computer bag. The last bite of the gyros that I ate for dinner. It was perfect.

Today is St. Valentine’s Day, a day for love and lovers. Although I am quite single, I am a serious lover, and I think that today is for me, and everyone in my life. It is a day to celebrate the haphazard nature of emotion, and to think about the joy and the pain of love. Today I will take time to remember the strange and wonderful ways that I feel, and the wild directions that love comes and goes through me, always unexpectedly and always enjoyed.


Anonymous Ivan said...

That must have been cold, like swimming in the Hudson.
(As someone who once said an unreciprocated "I love you" to you, this post was very funny to read. It's nice, though). :-)

10:54 PM  
Anonymous chris chookiatsirichai said...

Amara dear...this is Chris Chookiatsirichai I found you though Nora and are spectacular!!!I'm so tickled to have found more on what you've been doing!!! I look forward to reading more about your work and observations and hope to write you some more!

6:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

every day is for you, love.

10:57 AM  

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